Below are just a few of the comments I have received from clients after completing their family history research or other research request:

“Rhiannon provided a report on our ancestors which had an amazing level of detail.  We have more than just names and dates, we have the stories that make them real people with real lives.”

Tracy Robertson, Australia

“I was very impressed with the service that Shersca delivered. I was kept well informed at every stage of the project and was delighted with the outcome. Thank you Rhiannon.”

B. Green

“Have used the company for three separate lines of enquiry. Sadly, they were fairly narrow requests (scraps I hadn’t found myself), but I was very impressed with the methods used by the researcher. A good deal of other evidence was gathered, and the reports were very well-written. Would recommend.”

Adam McGregor

“Our family history is known going back ten generations but the information gathered by various family members was in a chaotic state. Going forward I wanted to get it into a digital form so that the younger generations can own it for the future and update it when necessary. We have a family business which celebrated one hundred and fifty years in 2017 and that has given an added impetus and reason to get it sorted. Shersca Genealogy was a happy choice of professional help, very cooperative and the fee was modest. They are obviously very efficient and that adds value. I can thoroughly recommend them.”

B. Stannah

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