What’s next for Shersca Genealogy?

For any of you are particularly eagle-eyed, you may have noticed that I am about due for another blog post. Time has gotten away from me recently, which means that a new blog post will not be coming your way just yet.

Instead, I thought I would let you have a sneak peek of some of the ideas I am working on!

If you have been following my recent posts, you will know that I have begun working on a Medieval themed side project. Progress on the practical side of my Medieval dress-making journey is slow (due to my recent wrist and shoulder injuries). But I still have aspects to research, and the whole project is quite exciting!

I hope to continue my search for a connection to the Medieval Stourton family. On a related note, I also hope to write a guide for Medieval genealogy. I am sure you can see which historical period my interests are currently focussed upon! Hopefully now that archives are beginning to open up, my research will be a little easier.

There are of course other posts that will crop up as I go along and I will keep you posted when I go to any conferences and historical/genealogical get-togethers. They may still be online rather than in person, but I am simply grateful that they can take place at all.

I almost forget to mention my ongoing One Name Study! There will certainly be further updates for you all on the progress I there, as I go along.

So I shall take my leave for now, and will be back soon!