Other Services

What are Shersca Genealogy’s other services?

In addition to family tree research, I also offer the following services.

Document look-ups/researching in archives

Unlike my own family history research, many of my clients are based some distance from where their ancestors lived. It could be that you know exactly which documents you need to help progress your research, unfortunately you cannot easily make the journey to the relevant archive to access them. For those who find it difficult to travel to archives in the South-West of England, I can undertake the research for you.  I am able to reach archives in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire and look up those elusive records that might just make all the difference. Please note that research that needs to be conducted at the National Archives in London would be subject to additional travel costs.

Local photography

Photographs can really bring our own family histories to life. Although, the further back you go in time you are less likely to find an image of your ancestors. Photographs of local monuments, churches, headstones or places can help. They may not be likenesses of your family, but there is still a connection with places your family may have visited.

If you live far from your ancestral home, but would like photographs of churches and/or gravestones (or other monuments/places) that relate to your ancestors, I am more than happy to undertake that for you. As above, I can cover places in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire, that are about an hour from my location. Please feel free to contact me, as I am happy to discuss your needs.

House Histories

Are you curious about the lives of the people that lived in your house in times past? If so, then I am able to undertake research into the history of your house and the people that lived there. This type of research is largely focussed on the particular family or families that lived in a house for a particular period of time, although there would be some discussion of the structure itself. This type of research will not necessarily follow one family back through the generations.

One-to-one consultations

If you require some advice about a certain aspect of research that you are undertaking, I am happy to help. Whether you wish to know how to store your research or how to access particular records, please contact me. Any consultations generally take place through an online medium, but a face-to-face meeting may be possible depending on your location.

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